Bilateral Franco-Hellenic seminar at the Greek Council of State

Relations internationales
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On the 25th and the 26th of April 2024, a delegation from the Conseil d’État led by its Vice President, Didier-Roland Tabuteau, went to Athens for a bilateral seminar with the Greek State Council chaired by its Vice President, Evangelia Nika.

Three round tables were organised on topics common to both jurisdictions:
>The filtering of appeals in front of the Conseil d’État in theory and in practice;
>Civil service law: status facing contract;
>The enforcement of decisions from the administrative justice.


The Greek Council of State is, with the Greek Court of Cassation and the Court of Auditors, one of the three highest courts in the country. It holds the same functions of judges and of legal advisor as the French Conseil d’État. It one of the most active members of ACA Europe, composed of the Court of Justice of the European Union, the Councils of State and the Supreme administrative jurisdictions of each of the members of the European Union and of International Association of Supreme Administrative Jurisdictions (IASAJ), which reunites the supreme administrative jurisdictions of 63 countries in order to promote exchange of ideas and experiences