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Managing the administrative tribunals and the administrative courts of appeal.

The Conseil d'État is responsible for the management of 40 administrative tribunals, 8 administrative courts of appeal and certain specialized courts such as the National Court of Asylum.

In this regard, the Conseil d'État is assisted by an independent consultative body, the High Council of Administrative Tribunals and Administrative Courts of Appeal (CSTA). The CSTA is chaired by the Vice-President of the Council of State and made up of members of the Conseil d'État, senior directors of the central administration, elected representatives of administrative judges and three qualified persons. The CSTA renders decisions on the career management of administrative judges and on all draft statutes or decrees that fall within the jurisdiction of the Conseil d'État. By virtue of its mission and composition, the CSTA represents an additional guarantee for the independence of administrative judges who already have security of tenure. The management of Council of State personnel is divided between the Conseil d'État and the Ministry for Home Affairs. Although these civil servants are under the authority of the Council of State, they are in theory accountable to the prefectures or the central administration of the Ministry for Home Affairs.

The Conseil d'État also oversees the budget of the administrative tribunals and courts of appeal, including, in particular, the expenditure for real estate investment purposes and the development of information technology. Resources have been devoted to an infrastructural overhaul that has taken place over the past few years and the development of an electronic file management system within the administrative tribunals and courts of appeal.